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Almería Cucumber

Dutch or Almeria cucumber, a vegetable from the cucurbitaceae family, is one of Agrodunas main products where we work to achieve the best varieties, adapted to the market’s requests and to the harvest time.

The best produce

To select the best produce for distribution, we analyze the quality of the cucumber according to three aspects:

  • The curvature has to be barely visible.
  • Its colour has to be dark and uniform.
  • Its bottle neck has to be small.



With a variable size and typically oblong, the dutch cucumber is characterized by its length (25 cm aprox) and its smooth skin with few wringles. Most of its weight is water (up to 97%) that’s why the cucumber possess less caloric intake than other vegetables.

Our best guarantee
Are the years of experience that
endorse us as farmers

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We follow the strictest quality controls to guarantee our products quality.